Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | June 10, 2010

Learning The Hard Way

This will be my little placeholder…just for those recruits in need of training. If I keep running into these people, I WILL point them here.

If you are leaving the first Tier of Warhammer Online, your experience in Open RvR is not exactly in top notch shape. So, lets get a few things straight, soldier.

This means YOU!!!

  1. If you are NOT a tank, PLEAASEEEE do NOT get on and stay on the ram when sieging the keeps. Your worthless self is making the healers job twice as hard.
  2. Scream out REZ just once in the Warband (/wb) channel, and no more. I mean, if we have not ressed you yet, then we just cannot do it.
  3. DPS? Stop pulling rooms…period. Again, YOU ARE NOT THE TANK.
  4. Before you leave a Warcamp, have the following on your person. One Ram, One Oil and Two to Three pieces of Wood. If you are broke, then start an alt and grind butchery!!!
  5. When entering a Scenario, remember…you are NOT a solo player anymore, and you should STAY WITH THE TEAM. Get too far away, don’t expect heals OR a res.
  6. This one is for the people who have already been playing. Quit screaming at the help. Just cause these guys are new, bitching them out is not helping, and if anything, driving away the new clientele.

Now, as I think of more, I will post them here…or better yet, help me out. Be civil, clean, and no need to be rude or Sigmar will strike thee down.



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