Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | June 11, 2010

LFM: Looking for more – Warhammer Online

I just recently read a post by Backseatdev about how he feels “Warhammer Online is finally becoming one of the best MMO’s on the market” , BUT…there is a caveat.

People who have played since day one may be finding the content a bit …”short”, if you will. And he has a point (now, I personally do not know Backseatdev, so the “He” is speculative, and hopefully Backseat will correct me if wrong).

Backseat mentions frequency of “Expansions”, and lists Warhammer Online as having one after 9 months. But, in all actuality, it was not a TRUE expansion. Mythic made no money on the boxes, as it was brought to the game at no charge to the customer. It is what we would call a FREE content update. Now, if we look at it this way, we can also call the recent “City Siege” update in patch 1.3.5 a FREE content update also. I actually do not consider the changes to city sieges “content”, as it just changed a mechanic…majorly, mind you…but, still a change to the way things have been done. Other few sundries were added or changed as well, so the latest patch was pretty big. But again, not a money maker.

We have read many times that Bioware / EA or Mythic even have said the game is profitable. I am sure it is…but, maybe not as much as they had hoped. I know no MAJOR updates are coming with the focus of the Bioware/EA team on Star Wars: The Old Republic. So, we must accept the fact that the game for over TWO years, has not had one expansion, and no way to filter in more cash flow.

This leads me to believe the game may be in maintenance mode. This is not bad, as long as Mythic uses the time wisely. For me, this seems like a time to really advance fixing the game itself. More class balance I think is in order to make a larger audience happy. The balance is really good in my opinion, but can always stand for more improvement. How about some fixes for the engine, which can lag or drag during busy times on the server. Or how about this recent post by Shadow War on his blog discussing issues with Ranged DPS vs Melee syncs on combat between server and player [SOURCE].

Accept my sacrifice oh Mythic devs... just fix AOE Bombs?

The game, for myself, has been hopping…and that is all tiers. I have characters spread across these levels, and can find action no matter what I wish to play. Time is an issue, as some Tiers are busier at specific times, but that is ok. As long as I find other to RvR with, it is kosher.

Not like there is a SHORTAGE of people...

This game can always use more players, and I think with a few adjustments to the vision of Mythic, we could see a continued stream of fun out of WAR in the future.

Now, LFM for Sieges…you in?



  1. An expansion does not need to be paid to be considered an expansion. EVE is a perfect example of this. Champions Online has worked that way as well so far (albeit with a very minor cash shop). City Of games have had a mix of paid expansions and free ones.

    But you are correct, for those of us playing since day one, content is running low. To suggest otherwise is to be disingenuous. I think that 1.4 is going to bring major updates. Carrie’s leaked it a bit in some of her interviews, and it’s desperately time for it.

  2. But, I think we need to take into consideration, that for en expansion to be worthwhile…money needs to be paid by customers. That is why I still stick with the “Free” content update, and not “expansion”.
    But, yes, I know others have used the “expansion” moniker, so it is a fine line here.
    The gist of needed extras for long time customers is the key. Either the rumors of Skaven needs to be brought forth and made fact, or something else “major” needs to happen.
    what about the other “Cities” since we have the new City Siege system in place?

    But, there is no doubt the game is enjoyable, just needs some fine tuning in my opinion.

  3. I only been playing Warhammer for a year now, while day one has at least another 6 months on their subscription history. I have 5 40’s total, of which one has reached 80, frankly speaking, I see myself having finished Warhammer as it is and no drive and/or motivation to repeat what I did on a Shadow Warrior, lastly because it appears to be a lot less fun or challenging for some reason.

    If 1.4.0 will indeed be a content patch it better not be newly introduced classes that will even stomp Choppas / Slayers into the ground, and for once it better not be PvE that’s bugged into oblivion.

    Warhammer is a very static game and suffers from exactly that. You have PvE and RvR content that repeatedly, at all times puts you on lockout while not even guaranteeing any loot (not in PvE anyway) – that’s a good way to give people nothing to do in a MMO.

    At this point I’d even go so far to say that despite what mythic does until the release of Tera Online / FF14 I’ll be a goner regardless, simply because Warhammer is turning into a last gen MMO. It may be the best PvP / RvR MMO in its way, but that only lasts so long for people.

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