Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | June 13, 2010

Joining the ranks of Red Venom

Last night I entered within the halls of Red Venom, a guild formed by WASDSTOMP over on Gorfang.

Formed by a group of beginning characters on the side of Order, we really got off to a good start. We joined several scenarios and battled in Open RvR. I even managed to top one of the scenarios at 9 Death Blows (and top contributor).

Fear me....EMO-LY

I decided to go with a Swordmaster this time. I have not played one very much, and have never really leveled one past rank 5. But, my plan WAS to choose something different, and this will be a new challenge.

I did enjoy a few of his skills a bit more than my Knight of the Blazing Sun which I have on another server…but, he also takes a bit of getting used to. For example, some skills do not fire off like normal. You must step through skills a specific way to enable the next skill in your bar. Calls for a bit of skill bar watching, but I should be up for the task.

Looking to join us? Make sure to check for me or Riazza (WASDSTOMP) on Gorfang, and lets get together.

Ranking …out.



  1. I think you’re setting yourself up for quite some disappointment / frustration downgrading to a SM coming for a KotBS, though the damage you deal might be insignificantly higher eventually 😉

    I kind of wish I chose a different tank back then, then again, when I leveled my SM they were still quite viable with no immunity timers. Defending keeps by myself in T2 by knocking people off repeatedly as well as easy PvE grind with a 10s AoE KD. Unfortunately these days are long over.

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