Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | June 15, 2010

State of THIS Realm…

Or that realm?

Spent some time last night getting my State of the Realm addon working and playing with it for a bit on Gorfang for the new guild, Red Venom. If you are not aware of this plugin (I am sure most of you are), it basically allows you to see at a glance how objectives are tracking for your side. For example, is an objective controlled by Order, Destruction or ready to be taken. Keeps, Battle Objectives and Victory Points to owning the realm are all shown here.

As I was doing this, I was also playing a bit in the game, and started to feel concern. Gorfang was hitting me as being terribly unbalanced. Multiple Scenarios popped with the infamous premades (Destro was fielding groups with 3 healers, 1 Witch Elf and 2 tanks), and our major points in Order were overrun with Destruction. I looked over the data I had for the first 3 tiers on Gorfang in State of the Realm, and saw the results of prime time gaming.

Just too much red for my liking...

Note the area marked with the 1’s. That is Tier 1. All Victory Points belong to Destruction. Clearly not a good night for Order.

This started me thinking. How is balance on the various servers. I currently have Order on 3 servers (I know, I am just not a Destro kinda guy…maybe it is the getting old thing that changes a person?), so what do I see at the times I log in? I play mornings and evenings EST (East Coast baby…). So, I plan to experiment with this a bit, and see if there is truly an imbalance issue.

All I know is based on my last post, I think Mythic could make one major change to get a better balance for the various realms…by adding that PvE based Third Faction. I think discussion of imbalance would become a thing of the past. But, all indicators show me that right now, Destruction and Order are not well planned across the servers, and this will continue to cause issues for Mythic…especially if one realm is always beaten down.

Stay tuned and wish me luck in this endeavor.


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