Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | June 16, 2010

You got yer’ PvE in my PvP

While I truly enjoy the RvR of Warhammer Online, I also game with my wife and son. They, though, prefer a more laid back type of MMO gameplay. PvE is their style, and WAR’s RvR leaves them with a bit of “I don’t wanna play” ism.

The reason I bring this up is I recently acquired a guild (i.e: the Guild Leader left, and for some reason, as well as unknowingly, gave the guild to me), and noted it is a low level guild also. Now, my wife, who is not only the Queen of the house (A Monarchy mind you of one…lol), loves the idea of lording over a guild of others. Her main goal in the guild though has always been to be the one who “provides” (must be that motherly thing). So, she loves to be able to make various goodies for guildies and supply them with …stuff.

Seeing most of Tier 3 is in a MAJOR PvE zone...

So…can it be possible to have my wife and son (and myself when certain tiers are dead) play WAR strictly PvE, and be a provider to others, in the way of Talismans, potions, etc? Maybe this could be a “training” guild, where we help others transition to larger guilds? How about a guild of Crafters and Gatherers? Or maybe there is hope in WAR to have an all “Carebear” guild for those who wish to lick their wounds after many defeats at the hands of Destro (and their pre-mades, zergs, etc…).

I think the lore of the game lends itself to a good PvE game, even though some of it is slightly buggy. A majority of the PQ’s do rock, and I would love to have a character be able to finish all Chapters in the game (no, I have never done that…due to always trying to keep my Renown and Rank together…and ignoring most PQ’s).

Weigh in and tell me what your thoughts are.



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