Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | June 21, 2010

Returning Home – Where is the WAR?

Leisure. I needed this. Time away to let myself unwind and let it all go.

Having returned home, I sat last night and contemplated this week. What would I do? Where would I go? How does WAR fit into my future plans?

What saddens me of course is the news from last week about Josh Dresher being let go from Mythic. I certainly would love to keep a positive outlook on this situation. But, how do you do this when the issues continue to pile up.

Billing fiascos, websites being sued, hackings left and right, servers full of gold sellers, no news of coming expansion and now layoffs again. Where do I look for my good news?

Well, I cannot look at this mornings multiple tiers of deadness for Order. Usually I can jump between characters of all tiers to find action…but when Tier 1 is even dead, with only small skirmishes, you fear for the worse. I play on Iron Rock, but Gorfang was also dead, and Badlands was not too bad. But, Badlands has no mains, and I would hate to have to grow from scratch.

So, where is the WAR. Where is it headed?

My thoughts are to keep a “freebie” account open. But, I am assured of that growing tiresome after a while. I love progress, and sitting in T1 just does not cut it when it comes to progress.

Even worse…I have been playing a while, but do not have a Renown 80 character. And to top it off, how do I keep a blog about WAR? If I go straight T1, why write?

I have until Wednesday to make a decision of if I should renew my sub. It all will boil down to how busy the next few nights are.

Can there be a plentiful WAR?



  1. I’m kinda in the same boat. The thing for me is that I have a great time in game until i hit 32 and this wall hits me. I have 2 level 40’s that I hardly play, so I sometimes say to myself what’s the point?

    To be honest SWTOR really has my interest right now and wondering if I should take a break from mmo’s until then, to feel totally fresh when it comes out.

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