Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | June 22, 2010

Striving for WAR – Calling all Aussies

Decisions have been made; battle plans laid…persistence is the key.

After much debate, I pulled out all the stops and decided to make the effort count. I will stay in Warhammer Online.

My main reason all boils down to the fun factor. The game truly makes me happy when it is working. For the game to work, it needs players. When players exist, then the game proves why it just works as a group based PvP experience. But, how do you do this when populations seem to be dwindling at certain periods and schedules?

For myself, I am a casual player and may get 2-3 hours in the mornings (US based EST) and the afternoons (say between 3:30 to 5:30 EST). Yes, a bizarre schedule for sure…thus why I am always hurting for players to game with.

I know there exists a small contingent of Aussie players though in WAR, but may be spread across servers. So, my goal is to find the RIGHT server to play on with these players. I am a dedicated Order follower, so Order is a must as well.

So, where do I go to find the players? Seems the forums have not had much success (I have tried to post there, but the post gets pushed off due to no replies).

Anyone willing to share their thoughts on this? Or better yet, join me on Iron Rock. Look for the guild “United We Stand”, and lets see if we can get this ball rolling.



  1. WAR is a poor game when you have noone to play with and against. But it’s an awesome game when you do. I feel sorry for you Aussies, having your servers shut down like that. Europe community is a strong one, with 2 very lively english servers, only GOA gets wonky at times.

    I’d suggest trying to post on WHA and WAR Vault aswell. Taking the initiative is the right thing to do, hope you are succesful. 🙂

  2. Hey Man,

    New reader, but i totally understand your issue, being an aussie player as well, its hard to find any decent groups in T4, specially for ORVR Action.

    Luckily our guild has started to build up a strong Australian Contigent. On the badlands server however, but we are Order!!!

  3. Well with a bit of luck you will be able to transfer to the Euro servers when they migrate under the Mythic umbrella.

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