Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | June 24, 2010

WAR is for the Elite

Ran into an issue while playing over the last several days. It can explain a lot of concern over issues of emptiness felt by many in the lower Tiers (2 and 3 to be exact).

Closed groups.

A specific guild (will not name name’s to prevent abuse of said guild) has been gathering in the mornings with about 6 or 7 members and taking keeps or Battle Objectives. If anyone asks if there is any action, no one replies. If you are lucky to find them (as I was told, use WAR report or a /who on each region if I want to find them), then you may not even get an invite. You just need to make sure and follow them around, and hope you go to the right place.

The fun does not end there.

If you finally get into their group, the communication from the leader is next to nil. At one point, they even refused to invite someone else as they said they were a “family” playing together. I assume vent is being used, so this would explain why those who ARE allowed into their special group, do not know what to do.

Now, I understand family wanting to play together, and just having fun in general. But, when this “fun” takes away from the other population being able to do specific objectives and advance, it grinds my stones to no end. I stated as much in chat, but was rebuked for not working on finding them.

Am I wrong, and should this behavior be allowed? Why invite people to your group eventually, but leave the group closed until everyone else finds out where you are?

As an example of why I was perturbed, look at this situation. I saw no keep takes under way using State of the Realm, and War report listed a specific location as being contested. I stuck to that location and started advertising for others. I gained a few others, and was still advertising when I saw a SoR report over RvR chat that a BO would be taken in :50 secs in a totally different region. I was confused. I decided to ask if that was the “closed” group, and the person using SoR reported “Yes”. played with MANY, MANY others.

Now, I could of course head to the location and tag along. But, this does cause issues in renown gain and influence. Also, since I was playing a tank, heals would of course be out of the question, as they were all in the “closed” group.

Does this seem right? I know complaining will go nowhere, but still…how do you get others to come to a game that has grouping closing off players from enjoying content that they need. And does WAR really need such a closed off architecture with pops not being that full?




  1. Everyone is allowed to play within the groups they want to play with. In no way shape or form should I be forced to play with people I don’t want to play with. There are risks to playing as a small group of players, and refusng to communicate with others. This is also one of those places where the server community needs to decide and police it’s population on it’s own.

    This is not a game-system issue.

  2. Agreed…not a “game” systems issue.

    I do wish the game had more in line to tell us what is happening.
    I could see an area contested for example…but by WHO? Order? Destruction?
    SoR helps somewhat, but it does not list BO’s in regions you are not in.

    Also, the group is willing to invite others, but is instantly willing to ignore you if you do not find them…this is a concern when you are working on a concerted effort to take back regions. Everything was owned by one faction, so why not team up to take it back?
    I had a fully open zone of BO’s and Keeps ready to take, but needed more. This group did not hate me, but could not tell me where they were either so we could all team up?

    This is truly not a “games” issue…but a “players” issue if anything.

    I know this is not a problem that exists across the board, and maybe I just felt like ranting if anything. But, hey, we are a true single faction, and sometimes we need to forget our differences and work together.

  3. I don’t see a problem. Personally I would prefer if closed groups and warbands weren’t listed in the nearby tab.

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