Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | June 25, 2010

I Think I’m Turning Euro-Pean

I really think so…

Ok, slaughtered THAT song, but for the good of all that is holy and WAR like in all respects.

News is that GOA is let Go-a (ARGH…must stop), and Mythic takes over the Euro’s. What can this mean? I hope it means server transfers to other “English” servers and I can finally find some players in the mornings to jam with.

So, the rumor mill is pretty rampant on this situation. The best place to read the basic info is the WAR-Europe website of course (and maybe peruse their forums to see how it is going). Don’t expect much from Mythic though. A one paragraph note on the Herald seems kind of lame. Almost like they were not prepared for this news (and you say…HOW CAN THAT BE?).

So, is this a positive or negative? Well, for the bottom dollar, better for Mythic I think. They already have a server location in Germany (according to all the news on this), and having a middle man cut out who has not done the best job with the game helps. Of course, right now Mythic is ALSO not doing a good job either…go figure. How about for the current population? Well, again, it all goes back to the “server transfer” thing. Will Mythic be forward looking enough to allow more cross server pollination? Letting Euros transfer or create new would be a boon. As well, allowing the US to do the same, would make me happy at

Isn't that a WAR Stein?

So, let me put on me best Scottish accent mate, don my lederhosen and eat some Fish and FRENCH fries (and anything else remotely overseas…I mean, since the AUSSIES let me down), and lets get to playing WAR / Krieg / Guerre / война




  1. Kudos for your post! If you ever want to play on a german server with girls wearing dresses like shown in your pic, just contact me! 😉

    Greetings from germany!

    • Danke,
      Ich liebe schoen damen.

      (PS: Cheers to you)

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