Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | June 28, 2010

WAR is fun, By Crom

Ok, so why a strange reference such as the title?

This weekend I enabled my Age of Conan account and Rise of the Godslayer to game with my family this weekend. My family consists of PvE MMO players who never quite got into the RvR scene of Warhammer Online. As well, and we all know this, PvE always left a little to be desired in WAR. They just did not click with WAR. So, we decided to head back to Hyboria and spend some time together.

I knew I would be doing two games, with WAR being my main in the mornings and afternoons and Age of Conan with the wife and my son in the evenings. I just did not realize what an abrupt shock it would be to go back to Age of Conan. Now, do not get me wrong, I did have some fun in AoC, but I really think it was all about the family, and not about the game.

Lets talk fun. Purely this; Tortage is a killer. If you have played AoC, and played alts you know the feeling. The familiarity is killing me. Tortage is so awesome and well done, but I just hate doing it again. It feels so “samey”. While in WAR…start over and within 15 minutes, I am level 4 and heading to RvR, Scenarios and leaving the PvE behind. RvR is different enough to really make it feel fun and new each time. I never know what those “mobs” are going to do.

Another bit I find irritating…Since Craig Morrison took over Age of Conan’s leadership, a little change was made under his command a while back to make gear matter. It also led to combat going much slower than it use to. WAR definitely feels more fast-paced…especially in the RvR lakes (ok, maybe it has to do with one-shot deaths?). Another problem in AoC is how gear changes mighty fast in WAR, so my looks keep varying, while AoC still has the issue of the “sameyness” to the armor through multiple levels.

Get me to the CHOPPA's!!! - Uh, sorry...wrong game.

Now, I need to interject here first with this bit of info. Age of Conan runs 100 times better on my PC than WAR. This is an oddity. I have a pretty decent machine, with a i5-750, ATI 5870, 4 gigs DDR3-1600 and a 64gig SSD. This should walk all over WAR, but for some reason, WAR chokes at times. Whether it is the sheer number of players in locations or what, I am not sure. An example: When I near a Battle Objective and it will light up with the “flag” of who owns the BO? LOCK UP. This can freeze my screen upwards of 5 seconds. Not a loading issue (hello, SSD?) or a video card issue (mighty cool the whole time, as the 5870 is an awesome card with great cooling). So, there is no explanation except for graphics engine issues. Now, compare that to AoC, which loads zones faster on the SSD, and I get a nice smooth 50-60FPS with no lockups (ok, except for the severe “red line” which still exists to this day)…it is strange.

Anyways, we see a pattern here though. One word that is getting used a lot. Simple…the game is too much of the same. But, I will persevere until I hit Khitai, which should alleviate a lot of that issue I am feeling right now. WAR seems to beckon me more often though. I hope spending time with the family will keep me involved.




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