Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | June 30, 2010

Being Crafty

Currently I have been focused on working on my crafting skills in Warhammer Online. Though not truly a forte of the WAR online universe, it is admirable and unique. Moreso than some crafting systems (yes, WoW may have more meaningful crafting… the standing around and wringing of hands looks silly though).

I enjoy the fact that I must figure out my recipes and create my items based on the work I have done gathering. But, it has proven to be difficult. For example: when doing Talisman making, I am still unsure of what level of item I will get when I mix ingredients of certain levels. Also, if I buy a level 1 holder, will this affect the power of the item, or is it the main ingredient, etc.

Trying to find websites with data on this has been fruitless at best. Several exists like Gaarawarrgabs website, which then leads to other websites…yet the details are scattered. I have read some forum links, but too much text written for THEIR readability, causes headaches when deciphering. Some sites mention addons, but I try to limit addons. I feel that it takes away the enjoyment of learning, and with many a hack available for other mischief…I prefer to leave them out.

So, the learning curve continues. This ends up being a distraction though when trying to level RvR. I think this has caused a lot of the issues with the RvR vs PvE argument we keep hearing. If PvE wasn’t so darn strange in WAR, it could prove to be more fun. A lot of the PQ’s for example are great, yet others where I must kill hundreds of mobs get irritating.  I must continue to kill mobs to keep ingredients coming for my crafting though, and this cycle never ends.


My main goal is to start setting time aside to do the work for gathering and crafting and see how I progress. But, I am open to suggestions (besides using AH, where everyone has decided to mark everything up 10x what it really should be worth). What ways have you found that works best when it comes to gathering and crafting?




  1. I find this page helpful:

  2. If you refuse to use the addons listed, which can only benefit you, then you’re left with two options:

    1. Figure the system out on yourself via trial and error like the rest of us had to do before people made addons or guides, or

    2. Go to the link I provided where the guy broke down everything you need to know about end-game talisman making in regards to point values and use it.

    Crafting in WAR is only difficult if you let it be.

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