Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | July 1, 2010

Put yer PvE in my PvP Dangit!

I don’t get Warhammer Online players. Why are so many against ANY PvE, especially if it is used correctly, and brings players INTO PvP zones?

Many conversations have been going like mad on the forums in regards to fixing ORvR. Yet, many do not realize the potential of bringing others into ORvR by way of PvE. Yes, I know the whole “RvE” situation with keep takes and battle objectives. But, this proves someone does not get it.

There are many unique ways to bring players into ORvR lakes and get PvP rolling for those who are not so adept or wish to even try it.
For example, why not have crafting goods be available in caches in the ORvR zones? Go in to steal some supplies…OH NO…SPOTTED. Now, this may not always work, per se. But, it would open possibilities. Make Battle Objectives crafting caches. Boxes with between 3-5 ingredients. So, now the player is not just there for “renown” but he can get some good crafting loot immediately (and we all know, the world exists on immediate satisfaction). Imagine the Witch Hunter / Witch Elf scout parties looking for goodies? Why not put all the damn animals in the RvR zone for butchering…or double the amount there. Set up sections of the ORvR areas as locations for mass breeding of wolves, etc. Think about it, more people flagged looking for butchering materials equals good times.

This example I saw on the forums, and it really made me think. Why is there not housing in all that empty space in the cities? Now, this of course always makes people grind their teeth. One person said “I am not here to play The Sims”. But, I thought of this; why can it not be a PQ styled RvR system. Imagine if the home could be burglarized? What if the opposing team could use the tunnels under the city like a standard PQ to get to various homes of players who are online (random?), and have the capability to steal something? What would they steal? Well, why not furniture or trophies. Yea, you know…those trophies that are probably collecting dust in your bank vault. How about allowing us to put them on the walls. As to furniture…oh yea, new crafting profession. Allow us to make furniture. And guess where we need to get the materials? The ORvR zones.

Hey now, I was here first...gimme my butcher skins!

Basically, all this takes is a little thought. All the above items could be done with minimal to no changes beyond populating zones with mobs. Housing could be a bit more in depth…yet we have a guild hall accessible. Why can’t guilds fight each other for goods as well like I described above?

Time and again it has been proven that straight PvP in an MMO does not equal large pops (Darkfall? Age of Conan before revamp?). Some PvE has to exist. Either that or be an FPS and get rid of monthly subs. Or how about just giving people a straight path to PvP like Guild Wars? All I am saying is, quit yer whining over PvE…learn to grasp the PvE and make it work for you (by killing others to get to the PvE of course!)



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