Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | July 3, 2010

Career Over

When do you call it quits? When do you realize that you are not the right guy for the job?

Today I was told I “was the badest [sic] tank” they knew.

And I thought the feather in my cap would help me be a better tank!

Now mind you, I usually have placed in the top 5 in Scenarios, top 5 in keep takes and have been on many a keep defend with next to a  small or no chance of winning and taking it back from the brink.

But…all along, I sucked.

Let me lay it out for you, the consequences of my demise, if you will.

Keep take at Ghronds in Elf Tier 3. There are 13 in my Warband and I am leader. Shouting out orders (in chat, as we were a PuG of course). 2 Tanks besides myself (an Ironbreaker and a Swordmaster). 2 Archmages and 1 Warrior Priest. The rest is full on DPS (Bright Wizards, Engineers, Shadow Warriors). Once we are on inner door, we have 5 Destro get by our defenses. Hard to be all in one place, and was to be expected. We continue on. Destro consists of a Squigherder, Marauder, 2 Disciples and a Sorceress.

We enter the upper rampart after several of the heals die at the door (and quite a few others of the DPS group). Once at the top, our main tank, a level 30 IB starts pulling. We have Destro swarming in and out. SH taking potshots at healers, etc. Hero gets pulled. Not sure who did it or why. I see the Hero on a BW, I aggro the Hero, and pull him downstairs to reset him. During this time, DPS is falling like pins, and then the SM falls, then the IB. I of course get swarmed and fall. Heals are dead. Thats all she wrote.

Someone yells out “Why did tank take Hero aggro…duh, champions first”. Hmmm. Well, maybe I should not have done that? I felt it was the right move.

I call everyone back. During this time, the IB goes offline…ARGH. DC or /ragequit? We finally get back to the top of steps, then SM goes offline. How does this happen? Is this really just connection issues? I am alone. I start pulling champions, and Destro is working us over now. I trade off and kill the SH, then I swap on the Marauder and kick him over the wall. The 2 DoK’s come out with Hero in tow. One DoK goes down. And I pull the next champion, and as he comes out, someone takes the aggro, and resets the champion. Pull again, aggro again, DPS dieing, heals dying, and then we all fall.

Well, the noted “hater” then starts a tirade in whisper at first, then in WB that I am the “badest” he has seen. Why did I pull the Hero (which I did not), why did I suck, etc.

So, lonely rank 25 (RR 20…thanks Tier 2 and Tier 3) tank is the single cause of our loss, and I am berated for such.

Now, I will admit. I am a healer. I have played healers in World of Warcraft, Everquest 2, Guild Wars, Age of Conan (where is also the only place I have strayed a bit) and of course, Warhammer Online (other games as well). So, is it the fact that my tactics were incorrect? Am I really doing it wrong? Guard was up, rotating aura’s, all Destro noted as Challenging…

What did I do that caused our whole party to fall apart?

So, for now, I will be retiring my Knight, even though that feather in my cap does look awesome. And why not weigh in. What did YOU see that I could have done differently?

Have a Happy 4th BTW!



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