Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | July 6, 2010

And this is me rambling…

A lot I wish to talk about, so this is what we would call a “General” posting.

A lot happened this past holiday weekend (3 day Holiday rocked). So, shall we get to the meat of it?

First up, my Age of Conan experiment gets buried and dies. PvE in Conan has taken a MAJOR nosedive with the new expansion. I was thoroughly disappointed. I actually had enjoyed myself in the past in AoC, but this time, the new expansion seemed…tedious. The quests got boring real fast. The overall visuals though while quite good, feel muted. Direct X 10 ran like a DOG in the new zone (and I have a pretty powerful machine…see previous post “WAR is Fun, By Crom”). And the whole “contract” style questing in AoC is what killed it for me. It is like nothing creative was added.

So, the family was without a PvE game again. What to do.

We talked about all games available (I will note, WAR has been kicked out due to the reliance on PvP, and the family just do not want to go there, no matter how much I wish to see PvE). Aion came up. I was worried that AGAIN, once we hit PvP, it would kill it for the family. Guild Wars had been played recently, EQ2 had also been played (and note, New Halas in EQ2 is like AoC’s new expansion. Tedious, boring and just not fun). I am adamantly against WoW (as I just do not want to give my money to their greediness and I can’t get over the bad visuals). So, I headed to the games list. A very thorough listing of ALL MMO’s available. Then it hit me.

Sandboxy, lots to do PvE wise, visuals are decent, and we have never tried it as a family.

Vanguard was chosen.

Now…I know the game is dying (merging down to one server…ouch) and it may not have long for this world, but who cares. Lets play it while we can. It has some EQ2 feeling, while being a bit faster in the combat arena. It feels more dangerous (fights can get crazy hectic), and for PvE players, the hidden goodies, crafting, diplomacy and what not feel right for that PvE itch.

So, trial is on…lets see how we do.

Onward to WAR.

This weekend was quite a landmark for me in Warhammer Online. First up, my main has reached the matching level of 38. I have both 38 Rank and 38 Renown. This character had suffered the “newbie” disease. I played PvE when NOT PvP’ing, and thus was almost 8 Renown ranks behind my main rank. I learned the hard way in Tier 3 that server selection is important, and my choice was not very good when it came to Tier 3, and lost a lot of leeway. This is the character that is owner of a guild as well. It was given to me, as my name was next on the list when the main guild leader had not logged for ages. So, I have taken it upon myself to level the guild and maybe eventually get more players. I actually have that guild headed toward level 9. So, not too shabby.

This weekend I also started a 100% RvR Warrior Priest on Badlands. The busiest server which helps me during my schedule. I play early mornings, and as such, do not have a lot of players to help or play with. Badlands has several morning and Aussie guilds, and I could tell. I had SC pops this morning (a Tuesday…lol), which I NEVER got, except in Tier 1 on Iron Rock. I had 3 runs before joining a Warband and taking keeps in Tier 2….all on a Tuesday morning. Amazing.

This also has led me to a decision about Iron Rock. My plan is to approach the game with a 100% PvE player on that server while finishing my main there. I have not really fully realized the content of WAR in that respect, and I wish to see if the whole idea of PvE is bad. This character does NOT need to RvR at all, thus it can be a class I normally do not or have not played. I am hoping to hear some suggestions. I also plan to blog about this adventure here. So, if you are one of the “WAR is NOT PvE” haters, then please by all means, find another blog. I do not want to waste your time.

Most of the WAR bloggers seem to focus on the RvR, and I really think this would be a good avenue for me, and something for me to write about. With my previous background in the PvE realm, I can look at the content AS that type of player. Playing PvE still with my family helps.

There is no doubt that the RvR is my favorite part of WAR, but longevity wise, how far can you go doing the same objectives. What does the PvE have to offer in WAR? This is to say, that RvR is NOT losing my focus. Just opening up the possibilities.

Anyways, I hope everyone had as good of a weekend as I did, and got your game on.




  1. I tried Vanguard at release when they had pvp servers. Make sure you pick up the lumberjacking profession. It is just the coolest profession I have ever seen. Chopping down trees is fun.

    The game really had potential, but the grind was pretty hideous, and I just couldn’t take an old school eq grind after playing eq for several years.

  2. Is there a reason you didn’t consider Lord of the Rings Online?
    I had some fun with that game, and PvE-wise it seemed pretty solid.
    Dungeons and Dragons Online is a bit of the same story.

    Just making suggestions, mind you.

    • I was a Closed Beta tester and launch lover…but, Turbine never fixed the many issues in LOTRO that still exists to this day. So, I prefer to stay away from it. DDO is ok, but the combat leaves a little to be desired.

      So, just not playing any PvE right now.

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