Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | July 7, 2010

The Old World and the WAR Report

Welcome to day one of “titled” posting. As you may see, I have two titles I will be using to discuss my adventures in Warhammer Online.

The Old World will discuss WAR in the PvE districts and zones. When a post is titled as such, then you can expect some PvE goodness.

The WAR Report will talk about RvR and various other parts of Warhammer Online (game mechanics, etc.).

Figured this would be a good way to help filter stories, and allow me to send you content on who I am playing and when. I have quite a few alts I am trying to play at once due to their need, whether it be for crafting, RvR or PvE. So, let me introduce my PvE character.

Cistarlyn is on FIRE!!

Now, as an insight…first, I chose a class I would not normally play for RvR. I am not a big caster player (except for Guild Wars, where I REALLY enjoyed the Elementalist). Next, I chose a female, which should allow me to go on with my gameplay unobtrusively in the PvE zones. And we also know, most everyone treats female characters differently…period. They seem to be much nicer, and less rude at times.

A few rules I have set up is this; First, no RvR…period. Next, Advice channel is OFF. I really want to avoid seeing Gold Seller spam (which WAR seems to have a lot of, thanks twink gold buyers), and could really do without the political, racist, sexist, religious commentary we normally see there. Finally, try not to “run through” the quests (which is hard to do). I need to not just read what I must do, but study that text and see how it makes me feel.

As a side note, I have really taken to investigating the areas as I adventure. I have found several hidden goodies, which from my understanding, there is a lot of. As a way to learn more about “The Old World”, I also plan to read up on these items in the wonderful Tome of Knowledge. And to go a step further, I will see how it compares to the original IP. I LOVED Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay when I was younger. If I can get that same feel, I think I will enjoy myself immensely.

That is all for now. My further adventures within the Old World shall resume very soon.

For now, Ranking….out.



  1. Make sure you get the Tome Titan addon. Following up on the Tome unlocks in each zone is as much fun as the questing itself.

    Have fun and good luck. I’ll be watching your blog. 🙂

    • I debated this. But, since I am trying to approach the game from a standard players aspect (I mean, I NEVER need an addon when playing single player games like The Witcher, Dragon Age, etc…), I want to avoid too much fluff. Now, later on, I may do this, as it will be like most users…you learn more about a game and then try to enhance the experience…so, I will eventually look into it.

      Thanks for the tip though, and most likely it WILL get added.

  2. I am skipping all the lore with my Archmage. I am not doing any quests, and just grinding easy pq’s while waiting for scenarios. It seems so much faster than running around doing quests.

    • Seeing as I have never done any of the lore, that is also why I am doing this. I could see it if I had run through all the content…but I have not.
      So, I have my 100% RvR, but I also have my dedicated PvE..
      I am in no rush actually, since I have an almost 40 rank, who I am leveling through just RR…so, this is a good change of pace when I need to wind down from the constant teeth grinding of RvR.

    • Quests are a huge source of XP. You can often roll into a chapter hub, pick up all the quests, and then knock out several at once. I’m currently working on Chaos Chapter 15 with my latest alt, for example.

      At Rank 29, typical quest reward XP is between 7,000 – 15,000XP. Considering that non-rest XP from a typical mob kill at that level is around 500XP, doing the quests is a huge bonus. Plus, some of them are actually humorous and interesting!

  3. This is a cool experiment. I’ll pop in from time to time and check up on your progress 😉

    I also like to read the lore and history that unfolds in the ToK and through the various quests. From time to time, I enjoy taking a moment to just soak it in and understand the story that my character is a part of, rather than just “killing people in the face” day in day out.

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