Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | July 8, 2010

The Old World – Entering The Fray

Yesterday was my first day of a concerted effort in investigating the world of Warhammer Online. I took special care and effort to really see what the game had to offer players…beyond just logging in and grinding and PvP.

I figure as a new player, some or most will try to find out about their world, and what better way than to head to the website. I was duly impressed over what Mythic offers the new player about their systems and the story of this particular piece of Warhammer IP.

To start, there is an excellent new players guide with directions on various aspects of the game. Since I was familiar with the game mechanics already, I did not read through this, and am not sure if it is well updated or not. A lot of the data is there though, and I like the layout.

There is a page of various guides for the game as well, including information on Glyphs (high end gaming) and new player guides. Anyone looking for help can find what they need without resorting to wiki’s, gaming sites, etc. I like this, as a player who just wants to experience the game without “cheating” per se (addons or guides of how to progress or power level for example).

I made sure to take the time and read the actual story of the game before entering. I really like this piece (but wish it was black text on white, as reading after a while made my eyes go fuzzy…old man and all), and think everyone should check this out.

Time to login.

Having run through the starting area before, I knew that it was going to take a bit more of my time to really check it out. I had to slow down, and investigate. What I found was really fascinating.

If you take the time to really look around, there are so many hidden treasures to add to your Tome of Knowledge.

If you go behind the first tent for example, you will find a body on the ground.

I found the “Midnight Rider”. I tried to do a search for more info on this person, but had no luck. All I do know is that this becomes a tome unlock.

The Tome of Knowledge is probably one of the coolest features for WAR and offers something most MMO’s do not have. It’s system of tracking the various finds in the world, achievements of yours in combat, your quests and the overall story as you unlock the chapters in the world, makes this an incredible add to the game. Since most anyone who reads my site is most likely a WAR player, there is no need for me to go more into depth about this. As well, all of my future pieces will not cover too many mechanics of the game. What I DO want to cover is what is happening in WAR and how fun PvE is (or is not). I may also talk about bugs or issues, but as to how the game actually “works”…well, login and find out!!

Anyways, as I progressed through the quest system, I have made sure to keep looking for bits and pieces of lore. Someone said I should try the addon “Tome Titan”…but, I want to hold off on that for now. Like any new player, I need to experience PvE by myself first. I need to know that the game is “fun” without me having to “fix” Mythics issues.

I can state unequivocally, the beginning area is quite fun. A few questions are left unanswered, like rally points (as I said, I KNOW what they are, but does the “other” newer player?). Getting to know your class is also good. I am learning how to use my skills properly, because as I have noted…I have never played a caster yet in WAR.

I continued to introduce myself to various characters within the Old World, like finding this old tavern, and having a drink with Bartolf and Orgni.

I also found Scrivener Elwin, who has asked me to get signatures of those less fortunate in the “brains department. I grabbed the scroll off the table, and checked my tome and found this.

Illiteracy…(smile). Need some signatures it seems?

As I continued to do the quests provided, I helped in the war efforts. Taking out cannons with the Empire siege engines. Fighting the chaos hordes entering the Old World, and then found my first Public Quest.

Poor priest…never knew what hit him, as all the villagers ran for the hills.

Public Quests (PQ’s) I think are an excellent way to team up with others in WAR without all the hassle of forming a group. Invite others close by or join a group in progress. Plus, not all PQ’s require grouping and can be tackled solo…to an extent. Just check the rating of the PQ in the upper right and just get to it.

I still continued my efforts scouring the countryside finding other little hidden gems, so please enjoy my following photo shoot of said finds. Tomorrow, I come to the Grey Lady Coaching Inn and try to find work as a crafter.




  1. I just saw the screenshots and had a deja-vu! 🙂

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