Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | July 10, 2010

The Old World – And Then There Were Three

Thats right. And it is thanks to my readers. I appreciate you taking the time to check out what I have to say.

The explosion of people who are really interested in PvE has been a mild shock and total pleasure. Thanks to this endeavor on my part to discover what Warhammer Online holds for the player who does NOT want to PvP, I have been able to bring both my wife and my son back into WAR.

And the victory is most sweet. Enjoyment was had by all.

As you can see, I have taken the original idea and brought it to my family to help me learn and adventure in this world. Above, the Bright Wizard is my character…again following the path of playing something I normally do not. Following this plan, my wife has chosen a DPS class, and my son a healer. All abnormal for their archetypes. My wife is normally a tank, and my son is the DPS (after trying EVERY class available at first.).

So, the adventure continues, just with the added bonus of two more that I can discuss with, how WAR compares to other PvE based games we have played.

I shall return soon, as I leave for a brief out of town engagement…but, I will share more of the adventures of the family and the adventures in the Old World.



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  2. It is not easy to adventure with the family. One of my buddies now decided to go back to WoW, it is so not easy to get ones buddies/family to play together.

    I suggested WAR, but no success. Not even the idea of GW2 “Hey, we can play together and none of us has to be dedicated tank or healer” (notice that none of us really likes the pidgeonholed group-serving role – as MOST people do) enticed them so far. Oh well.

    Keep it on, I use your picasa album as reference to them that WAR is much prettier than WoW. Yes Sir, my friends think WoW is also the graphical pinnacle. Hard times for me. 🙂

  3. Just wanted to drop a note of encouragement from another player who really enjoys the PVE/lore side of things. My ongoing side project is to play through all 6 storylines; I’ve done Empire, Chaos, and most of dwarf so far. One bit of advice I would give is that there are sometimes fortuitous overlaps where a mob contributes to both the kill collector and PQ influence for a chapter; those are often worth doing because the high-end influence rewards are often the best PVE-only equipment you can get a lower levels.

    Also, IMO many of the earlier dungeons are a lot of fun:
    – T1 Hunter’s vale dungeon is really neat graphics and people are often looking for it.
    – The T2 city sewers are probably the low point dungeon wise, but do have some pretty good gear in them (both the keeper sets from the bosses as well as watcher equipment).
    – T3/Gunbad is an absolute blast, perhaps the best dungeon ingame in my mind (great art, environment, and very few if any bugs).
    -T4 early/Bastion stairs is fun for me (as a PVE lover) as well; you can get some great weapons out of the 1st pq in the middle wing.
    -the end game dungeons (Tunnels/Crypts/Lost Vale/Tomb of the Vulture Lord) are ok, but surprisingly buggy still (TotVL is particularly notorious in this regard).

    Anyway, good luck!

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