Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | July 13, 2010

The Return Ramble

And I am back. I have been out of town a few days, and have not had much time to play. I have gotten back in and did some RvR, but so far pretty quiet.

Anyways, just a brief update in what is in store for you guys.

The Old World stories have really become quite popular and the visits to those pieces were phenomenal. Thank you to those reading this adventure. As you may have noticed from my last piece, I have involved my family in the game, and they are really enjoying the “No PvP” scenario. Really helps us to have a cohesive goal when playing Warhammer Online, and this PvE venture is paying off for them. One of the family members is out of town still, so I am trying to get stuff together to tell the story of what we have done so far, and no new material will post until he returns. But, I have some stuff in the works about crafting and the adventure of hitting PvP zones with no kills (truly a sweat inducing labor there….).

I hope to start having links to images working in “full size” mode soon. I love the pictures I have posted, but have not had luck in the cross link to full images. So, that is coming soon.

I would like some feedback, so if you are reading…is there something you would like to know about? I will note that right now, we will be doing strictly the Empire story, so I have no plans yet to move to other racial zones (like Elf or Dwarf). Also, I am unsure if I will be doing anything in respects to Destruction. But, that is not to say I won’t…

Another note. Everyone who IS playing is now in a guild as well. I had stated earlier that I was given control of a guild somehow on Iron Rock. So, I have invited all of our newbie PvE’ers to the guild, and they are contributing to leveling that guild. This could be awesome, as it allows a few features like Guild storage, guild hall access and eventually,  Heraldry. Thanks to their efforts, my main RvR character on Iron Rock will have something to display on his cloak and all of the benefits of being a standard bearer.

Anyways, ramble almost over…just tossing some info out. Like I said, I have another large story I am working on in regards to crafting and RvR danger zones for the PvE player, and then next week, regular posting on the continued adventures of the family team.



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