Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | July 15, 2010

The Old World – Right into the Danger Zone

So, as we prepare to start back up our adventures on the PvE team next week, I have been working on updating my screenshots so you can get blow ups of these babies. I should have all pics since I started posting Old World stories updated on my old posts by the end of the day.

I want to touch briefly on working in RvE…i.e: The Danger Zone. As a dedicated PvE’er for these specific characters, one goal is of course to be 100% ZERO Renown Ranked. But, this could be difficult wandering into the RvR lake zones. Especially Tier 1. Later Tiers (like 2 and 3) could prove to be considerably easier dues to smaller populations spread across hubs.

The only reason to go into the RvR lake in Tier 1 is for unlocks for the tome and gaining updates to your map. There is nothing better I think than having a truly opened map.

Unlocks are cool...

As you can see, I am taking a chance going it alone, but I just need to see what is at that BOAT… THAT a Bad Guys sign for "ENTER"?

I was thoroughly disappointed to find out that there was nothing here though.

I KNEW that symbol meant something wicked this way would come...

Of course, I can only assume these guys ate the fish sandwich on that boat, and look where it got them.

The maps in WAR look awesome.

You can see where I have wandered.

I think it is important that while investigating the RvR zones, I consider the players as VERY WELL DONE A.I. and not be upset if I bite the big one. My only major concern is if I should fight back, as all it will take is one kill to get ranked up in Renown and fail at my mission. I do know there are several tome unlocks for getting killed, and it may just be worth it to stand around and get wasted by some Choppa or WE. I have also tried to look at doing the RvR lakes as “stealth” missions also. To investigate areas and return to Order with my reconnaissance mission reports. Ok, maybe that is a little too Roleplay for my own good, but having goals helps me as a player enjoy what I am doing. Later on I know the RvR lakes actually give us those missions to investigate Battle Objectives and Keeps. Then I will feel like I am doing that recon.

As to the family group, those players have moved into Norsca now, the next zone over. Upon leaving, we noted several entries in the Tome for Lore were still not done. I hope to look into that a little more and discuss noteworthy persons and stories of The Old World next post.

For now, Ranking….out



  1. Will be interesting to see how long you can go ahead without having to kill anyone.

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