Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | July 19, 2010

The Weekend Ramble

After some careful consideration, I have decided that weekends will just not be post days for me. I like the idea of a break and refresh as I try to get to grips with what I will be working on for the week. It also allows me to game and relax, watch TV, and more.

So, instead I present the “Weekend Ramble”. Hopefully every Monday I can share what I have done for the weekend, and get myself back into writing mode.

This past weekend was slow as it was another “out of towner” for my family. Our son was doing a “Young Scholars” program, which is for children with advanced skill sets. They have shown leadership and a more mature approach to school and learning. Yes, no doubt we are quite proud of that! So, this weekend we picked him up.

What I DID do was try to catch up on some reading. I started the Genevieve omnibus for Warhammer that I had picked up the previous week. What a great story and a great start to learning more about the Old World. Not even out of the first part of this series and mentions of Reikwald, Altdorf, Karl Franz and Sigmar and his battles with a powerful wizard named Drachenfels. Good stuff.

In Warhammer Online, I have pushed my main right up against Rank 40, and will be pushing him over the edge today or tomorrow. Hope to get there in glory and battle (and NOT PvE…lol). This was my first main, so I had already used the instant level scroll…bugger. But, that was ok. I have done quite a bit with him since he reached 39, and it has been a blast.

As to the PvE characters, this week they are working through Norsca and getting toward Troll Country. We will again be hitting up against some quests and unlocks in RvE there, and I wonder if we can continue to stay at RR Zero for that tier. As to other thoughts on the PvE characters, I am VERY excited about patch 1.3.6, coming soon, which will introduce “Appearance” slots. Like what EQ2 has, we will be able to wear what we wish, while having the best armor available. One of the many features a PvE player wants is to look cool while leveling (something Funcom and Age of Conan does not understand btw). Also, new weapon looks are on the way. Wonder what those will be like?

Anyways, that is enough ramble. This week I look into the Public Quest system, grouping, emotes and unlocks.

Stay tuned….Ranking, OUT!


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