Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | July 20, 2010

The Old World: You’ve got the look

Lets get this straight. As PvE’ers, we want our characters to look good. I have had issues with some MMO’s in the past that never quite live up to this (examples are Age of Conan and it’s limited selection of clothing syles and LOTRO with their visually unappealing character models). One thing WAR has is oodles of style, which really has shown itself in the PvE section.

We have to keep in mind that as you RvR in WAR, you progress through tiered outfits, which…do not get me wrong…look great, but are the same as others at your tier. Luckily this is alleviated with Dye and mix and match pieces of some dungeon based sets. PvE is another ball of wax. The variety of items, including weapons has proven to be great fun in finding. The randomness also adds to the fun when you find something new.

This will prove to be important come next patch. Version 1.3.6 of Warhammer Online will introduce “Appearance” slots. This will allow your character to don whatever piece of clothing they wish, and hidden behind this can be the armor they NEED to wear for it’s capabilities or stats.

Here are some examples of some new pieces I have found for my Bright Wizard.

How I started life in my Career as Bright Wizard.

I already had done some dye work on the main part of my chest/leg piece (wish these were not so connected…). Unique look. The staff is a standard issue, and does not change much as you level and gain new staves from rewards or Public Questing. I must note, I enjoy the fact that the belt visual can change as you find new ones.

New staff drop from what is called a "Broken" piece and must be repaired.

My first staff I found in Troll Country. Dropped as a “Broken Heavy Weapon”, these pieces randomly drop of creatures. You can take these back to vendors and have them repaired to gain new items. Also, what is really great about these is that any class that uses that weapon style can repair it for THEIR own weapon piece…

Note Axe held by White Lion, also a "repaired" item

In this shot, several things are going on. Each of us has gained our first shoulder pads (Rank 13 to be precise). The White Lion is holding a “repaired” axe, also a heavy weapon piece, and the look is unique. The blade looks to be made of a metallic wing. Several gems line the staff part of the axe. The Warrior Priest is sporting a golden yellow dye job on the bottom cuff work on his robe. What you cannot see is the book being held by the Warrior Priest. A “repaired” piece that looks very different than most reward based books they can hold.

New staff and armor

In this pic, I had found another staff, which I thought looked very cool with it’s morning star style ball top (it also helped that it stacked a large amount of toughness and two empty talisman slots). The armor was a reward for finishing a quest. I enjoyed the flared flame look, and with Dark Red dye, stands out quite nicely. Looking closely you can see the yellow circle badge on my belt, which is a trophy. Will probably not get many trophies, as most are rewarded for RvR. Some can be gained by Tome Unlocks though.

Variety is the spice of life being a PvE’er. The game must provide that carrot, and the carrot must offer the best look for each bite I take. WAR has really been holding out on some pieces, since I have never really done much in the way of PvE. As I collect new pieces I like, I will be storing away old ones and thinking about the next patch with the appearance slots. Exciting stuff.

Anyways, thats all for today…Ranking. OUT!


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