Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | July 27, 2010

Quick Post: New Forums are UP!

Get singed up now at the Bioware / Mythic Social Forums Network.

Bioware Social Network

Been quite busy, and I have a lot in store coming up (great screenies, some cool Tome unlocks, and more), so stick around.

Whats next for Warhammer Online? Stay Tuned!




  1. Surprising I didn’t see a bunch of FIRST posts.

  2. No wonder.. most people have now severe cases of irritated eyes.

    No “first”-posts, but lots of “this forum sucks”.

  3. […] it just seems like not enough. Now that the forums have been folded into Biowares Social Network (New Forums are UP!!), there seems to be a rumble. But, guess what…complaint after complaint is pretty much all […]

  4. And yet, I like the forums better than the old “Black with white text” which made my eyes water….and I am an oldie myself.

    Go figure.

    I will agree with functionality issues though…but, text is fixed using the Bioware LARGE font template.

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