Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | July 28, 2010

Ramble – Change is Good

So, why all the griping?

Seems that Warhammer Online has an influx of those who are just not happy about anything. What do we place this at the foot of?


Seems a long time since anything major has been done in WAR. Updates have added some major bits and pieces…but, when you compare to another game that has been out about as long (Age of Conan and their expansion bringing more people in), it just seems like not enough. Now that the forums have been folded into Biowares Social Network (New Forums are UP!!), there seems to be a rumble. But, guess what…complaint after complaint is pretty much all that can be read when entering the forums. And what about where WAR stands? Does this mean that eventually WAR will be lost in the shuffle of new MMO’s (SW:ToR getting the largest spotlight here)…if you read the new forums, you would believe that as well.

Where is Mythic (hrm** sorry…Bioware/Mythic) headed in all this? Is the upcoming Gamescon in August the MAKE or BREAK date? Will something happen? Will this be the announcement we all want? Werit thinks so (August is for WAR). Do you believe it? And, what if it is NOT what you want (expansion? new races to play? major content additions?)…where will you stand?

I like change. Change is good, and we need it. I think patch 1.3.6 and the adjustments will bring an influx of players, and will be some “change” we need. But, August and patch 1.4’s big announcement has to blow me away. Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE this game…but, if it is NOT a big announcement, I will not love an empty game.




  1. Aye I, like pretty much everyone I think, am really looking forward to the announcement but it had better be a big one. All signs point to it being a dozy but if it’s lacky I can see that wave of high hopes sinking the playerbase….still…I’m expecting awesomeness 🙂

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