Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | July 30, 2010

The Old World: Explorer’s Reward

Lets get this out of the way. I am EASK on the Bartle system…Explorer indeed. So, it is with great pride that I can announce…Warhammer Online fits my EASK to a T (uh…T doesn’t mean anything…I think).

Using the great Tome of Knowledge really got my blood pumping. As I would see another unlock hit the top of my screen, I needed more. I gotta have my FIX. So, for this report, I set down to looking at what WAR had to offer for those who go out of their way.

First, I started with some research. I had adamantly sworn off any addon to lead me to the places I needed to be, but I had no concern checking out websites or reading descriptions of items I could get. As I did this look-see, I saw some really great hidden goodies that normally just anyone doing “quests” would not get. Let me show you the one I really am excited about, thanks to the new patch 1.3.6 and “Appearance Slots”.

Headed to the Far West in Ostland

This is truly off the beaten path (Destro I believe has this region though), but myself and the team took a detour into this region. Down into a valley we went. Deep within, we found a cabin.

Cabin in the Woods...SCARY

Near the cabin was hiding a Dryad. Took her out (she started it though…).

All Dryad Up

When she has been defeated, you get this little goodie.

Ding, Ding!

Goodies ensue...

So, head to Altdorf (can’t help you Destro…Nyah, Nyah) and look at what the Librarian gives ya!!

That is one awesome cloak!!

What cool and awesome things have YOU found? Let me know…

Like I said…once Patch 1.3.6 hits…all of my characters will be wearing this until we get Guild Heraldry. Anyways…I have some more unlocks to show in due time. Stay tuned.




  1. Back when WAR launched, The CoW guild made a trip to find that cloak. It was a fun trip, and I still have it. Thanks to the new appearance it will be usable!

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