Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | August 3, 2010

The Old World: The story thus far,,,

So, I wanted to take a bit and talk about how I am feeling so far in my progress in the PvE sector of Warhammer Online.

The group I play with has been pretty persistent in going forward on this route and seeing what WAR has to offer us. There is no doubt that the games main focus is PvP/RvR, and PvE was in addition to this. But, I truly see that the team who developed the PvE had their hearts in the right place.

Some of the major points we have found has been: Tome Unlocks, Public Questing and Crafting.

Dem Bones, Dem Bones

Tome Unlocks – The single most fun is finding these little rewards. Especially when you least expect it, and it appears. Titles you can give to your character, special attributes and a multitude of items like little “pocket” pieces or trophies to wear. We have made a concerted effort to search all of our surroundings and even going to places off the beaten path. Some of the unlocks would pretty much be non-existent if someone else had not done it first (there are quite the persistent lot of people out there who play). One particular unlock was shown by someone in video where he enters a small camp and finds a glowing barrel. The barrel is called a “perfume”. He then proceeds to kill a Champion (Boss) further in the zone, and this unlocks an attribute bonus piece in the bestiary. How they figured this out…I do not know. But, this is just one of many. And this is why they are truly the gem of the lot.


Public Quests – Besides hoping you get a good drop (quite rare actually), the best way to gain gear is by the PQ system. Some are really quite simple, with you killing an alloted number of critters. But, some require certain mechanics and teamwork to complete, and this has been what intrigues us most. I have even suggested leveling strictly by PQ through all the pairings (the various zones like Elves, Dwarves, etc…). This is how fun they are. Certain PQ’s get wild with streams of mobs ala Diablo style coming at you, and you just killing…truly awesome. One particular PQ has you fighting a truly difficult mob who can heal themselves at regular intervals unless you destroy the mob or object they are being healed by. The fact that people can randomly enter and leave these can lead to large crowds of players all fighting for that singular cause, and it just gets insane. Insanity = FUN! here.


Crafting – Though not without it’s drawbacks and usually not well fleshed out…crafting by and large has a few pieces that are stand outs when it comes to the art of craft in MMO’s. The first fun piece is Cultivation. The capability to grow your own materials from seeds (one of the few interesting things in Lord of the Rings Online) becomes very addictive. And as well…costly. But, the reward for potions and dyes is cool. Potions is also fun, as you learn how to combine the multitudes of ingredients and their levels to get better potions, proves to be an OCD players dream. Finally, Talisman Making, and getting the right parts to make the best pieces, and the fact it is one of the few pieces worth selling, add up to a good part of the game. I wish it was more though. Armor, Weapons, Jewelry all scream to be made as well. Hopefully expansion?

The group has really enjoyed this endeavor. We have done many different adventures and traveled to far away places. We recently completed our first “instance” based playthrough of an area called Hunters Vale (and many more will be coming, including the sewers and fighting Skaven underneath Altdorf).

We seem to have found a game that keeps us entertained for hours and leaves us wanting more. There is no doubt that the main reason to love WAR is for the PvP/RvR, but we see that PvE offers something for those timid players who need to get the feel of a game first. The adventure helps us enjoy the journey more so than the need to level.

Anyways, more soon. For now; Ranking…OUT!



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  2. I really like the Public Quest system. Can’t wait to see GW2’s take on the system. Star Trek Online has Fleet Actions, and they now even improved them to reward other activities than just dishing out damage.

    P.S.: Do you know what keeps people away from many games? The simple mention that they are pvp centric. Makes Joe Carebear go away. I know people who did not even try GW or WAR because they heard its all about PvP.

    Did you notice how they no longer market GW2 as pvp centric game like GW1? The focus changed, it has become apparent that “true” pvp people alone are not enough to have a solid subscriber base.

    Stereotypes and prejudices are strong. You know, people demand things like … crafting. Or jumping. It is a pity, but nobody can protect people from their own stereotypes and misconceptions.

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