Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | August 10, 2010

The Debate – Collision Detection

Coming (most likely) in patch 1.3.6 is a change to how Collision is detected in Warhammer Online. Basically, friendlies will be able to walk right through each other.  This of course brings up a lot of questions and concerns.

I am torn. The big fix out of this is the fact that performance makes a huge jump. And we love performance. But, questions of how placement can affect bomb groups (very popular on EU servers) killing more players and an overall change to RvR is the outcome.

I will side with the fact that I think it is a GOOD change. Hear me out.

Something WAR needs right now is new blood. The old regime may or may not stick around…but one thing is for sure; boredom has killed the game for many players who have been here a while. Changes that are being made in new patches are for one sole purpose.

New players.

I for one enjoy the realism of collision detection, even though it does cause havoc with some terrain, etc. The fact is it adds a bit of strategy to placement and how to tackle players…etc. But, lets get real. The game needs to bring in new blood. The best way to do this is when a player arrives, they have smooth gameplay. Look at the changes to Tier 2 and Tier 3 RvR as another example of making sure they are catering to newer players. Not just this though…when the new player arrives, they will be learning this new way of doing RvR as well.

And here is the part everyone will hate.

The game will be almost as smooth as WoW both in PvE and PvP.

This game, moreso than any other game, reminds old WoW players of WoW…but, the smooth gameplay. ANY type of lag equals ragequit for the WoW player who is use to calculator based PC style performance.

Any player who has been in WAR since launch or longer than a year may not be the #1 concern…though a lot of fixes lean towards that. But, overall…there has not been any new content, and the playerbase who have been stalwarts have to know that for this game to survive, it needs a reboot of sorts.

More mirrored like classes, fixes to lower tiers, collision detection removal…all for a new player base.

But, be heartened. Patch 1.4 will be for the oldies, and will offer what they need to come back. Just be happy that when you return, the player base will have expanded thanks to making WAR run the best it can, and play the best it can in ALL tiers.




  1. Honestly, I’m all for taking it out. It’s a cheeseball tactic used to thin out a force that outnumbers you. That’s not strategy. That’s abuse. Let’s figure out some strategies for zerg-mitigation without relying on making them pop up one at a time and playing Whack-A-Mole.

  2. […] of the game, which means more players coming aboard to have their faces melted.  Lots of bloggers talked about […]

  3. Gah. You guys too. I don’t think you understand exactly how this is going to work.

    There will be no more “tactical” play. The realism will be gone. No longer can you funnel attackers into a small area so they can’t all get to you, in order to defeat a larger force (quite a sound battle tactic… anyone seen 300?). Keep walls and doors will now be pointless… it doesn’t matter that there’s only a small space in the walls, they can just ignore it and pile in! In fact, all defensible terrain will be reduced to artwork, as it will not mean squat at that point.

    The only solution will be “let’s get more players”. Well, let’s start with the fact that it is not at all tactical, and then from there go on to talk about serious population imbalances on a given server. At some point, it becomes impossible to get enough.

    Zergs keep zerging, with nothing to check them and the wonderful AAO that they’ve implemented (which I highly compliment them on)will be for naught as you simply won’t be able to take down a zerg many times your size. When they can ALL hit you at once… there’s not a ton of hope is there?

    I just can’t understand, though I am really trying, how any amount of performance improvement, short of 100%, will be worth gutting the combat system in such a way.

    • I take you have played it and know exactly how this works. Or are you assuming based on what will happen based on how the game currently works.

      When players are faced with change, I honestly believe we have the capability to adapt. I noted on another site how for example, someone defending a keep can now pile a ton of bodies at the door to keep others out. But, then bomb groups can come back and smack those hordes.

      You learn to change.

      For WAR and for Bioware/Mythic…they need the game to perform better…period. They need to think future and not how the current playerbase may feel. Too much time has passed and players of old are getting tired, bored and ready for newness.

      This will weed them out, and get WAR ready for a new crowd.

      Lets just see how this plays out…eh?

  4. Since Mythic won’t be listening to the outcry, I sincerely hope you’re right and that the game does not undergo drastic, detrimental changes.

    I fear for the future of this game, however.

    • Forgot to add:
      I have not played it (unless you count the PVP failure that is WoW). Of course, I don’t really need to in order to make a rational assumption based on the current combat system and the removal of half of said system. Hopefully my brain is at least that competent.

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