Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | August 12, 2010

Launch Hater – New Kinda Lover

I figured it was time to get this off my chest.


My first boot up and login for WAR was one of sorrow and hate. Warhammer Online’s launch left me dry and feeling less than pleased with the aesthetic. Here was a game I really wanted to love, as I was a former WHFRP (Fantasy Roleplayer for Warhammer) back in the day. I played WH40k miniatures, as well as used WH minis for other games (D&D, I.C.E, etc). I loved the art, the Germanic renaissance style settings and the flair of the “Horror” like backing of their history mixed with the Fantasy.

But, WAR basically looked and played like…World of Warcraft. Yes, it had it’s differences…but, having left WoW not that long ago and needing a change, the similarities hurt more than helped.

WAR left my brain, my PC and was forever relegated to the ether (I thought…)

After having played out so many MMO’s, and then finally taking a break…I was ready to investigate what was out there. For example I tried Lord of the Rings Online, and just felt it was bland and trite. It offered me nothing beyond the standardized questing and some cool cutscenes. I also did not enjoy the way the models or the UI looked. EQ2 was loaded and then unloaded. Slow and bloated, it just felt weighted down by a really bad games engine.

Seeing the trial for WAR advertised, I thought to myself…maybe I need to give this another shot. But, I am a PvE player…what would it offer me?

A lot.

Feel like somebodies watching me...

When entering the PvP (RvR) and trying my hand at something I have shunned from days of old (being ganked in Lineage 2, Guild Wars PvP being difficult to grasp and Age of Conan offering a /ragequit fest, I had left PvP behind me), I was amazed at how fun this could be. The multitudes of people fighting each other like in a WAR was incredible. But, not just that. The game was smoother, visuals had been enhanced, and the models reminded me of the miniatures of old. I also was able to convince my family…also PvE’ers that this game had something for them. Though they may not enjoy the PvP aspect, we found together a world we like to inhabit and live in. Our work contributes to the whole. But, I also get my new PvP fix and can have fun when they do not play.

Prepare to DIE!!!

So, I was, and still am, hooked. And I think others should be as well.

So, why am I writing this? Well, it is just not about WAR. Make it for ANY game you have tried in the past and felt the game did not click. Make sure a decent amount of time has passed (unlike me who kept trying LOTRO after each book update, and hating the game even more…), and that you go in with an open mind. Try to forget what happened and what the game did that you hated. Look at it as if it is a new game.

You may find a new love you never knew could be.


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