Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | August 18, 2010

Minor changes are good



Yes, with one simple patch, a stupid annoyance becomes a visual treat.

I always hated that my character would do a really cool move on the login screen, and as he did this, my book floated around and then disappeared under my robe. Silly, I know. Aesthetic’s are really important to me though.

So, not just did this fix my “book” for my Warrior Priest, I also had updates to how my visuals for some items looked. Dyes seemed brighter and clothing fits well. Again…not much, but some looks are really cool. I enjoy the fact I can wear what I want and not be blocked by ugly armor. Thanks appearance slots.

The recent patch 1.3.6 for Warhammer Online has introduced a LOT of changes that should make how the game works…especially in RvR…for the better. From advanced XP and renown for small skirmish groups to new havens of rat infested pyres in the RvR lakes for Tiers 2 and 3. Also, locking off Land of the Dead, a favorite power level spot for lowbies and a neat way to bypass a majority of the game and not learn mechanics (like repairing rams), equals a more rounded experience. As an added bonus, anyone not in their proper Tier will also be punished by not getting advanced XP rewards. So…stay in your Tier, learn your class. Thank you.

This morning as an example, Order had fielded a full warband in Tier 4, yet we kept being harrased by several Destro trying to quickly take out a few of us (a Witch Elf for example, hiding by the Heroes in the Battle Objectives and trying to slice up some healers…), and proved to be a fun experience. We never knew where they would be next.

Last night, Tier 3 had a massive keep defense for Order under way that had been going for over an hour…and all the while, teams were out taking down Rat pyres and trying to find the champion to gain massive amounts of XP. So, someone always had some PvP to do.

Good stuff.

Now, of course, still waiting on todays news of what is in store for the future of WAR. For now, I am quite pleased with the adjustments, and I can RvR now through all tiers and do PvE to find some cool stuff to wear.




  1. Fixing such glitches is love for the detail, always a good thing. It indeed looks much better!

  2. Something I noticed is that the character on login, where its just one character, can now be rotated. Its small but its fun to be able to look at your character in bigger detail

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