Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | August 31, 2010

And so it ends???

Sorry for my long hiatus.

I have this to say. When a game makes me very happy, I seem to post less. Period. I truly have been a fanatic in WAR. I have RvR’d, I have sieged, I have PvE’d….I have done a lot. But, does it end?

When do you get to a point that you may have played all you can play, and move on?

As a whole, MMO’s are a repetitive lot. They offer a central game, an offshoot of the game (say PvE with added PvP, Housing, Crafting, etc.) and an endgame. Warhammer Online has offered my family a full leveling experience, myself (and my son, who has recently started) a PvP experience that blows away all other games PvP, and a fun crafting game. We have been leveling a guild we own, and experienced the complete chapters of the Empire setting campaign in PvE. We have even set foot into various dungeons and grouped for brief encounters.

So, what is left? A gear grind?

For my wife, who is strictly a PvE player…this does not compute. Her fun is in the adventure and not being at the end, but the overall journey. She has tried Scenarios, ORvR, and other aspects of the game. So, where does this leave her? Starting over?

We had a conversation yesterday about the other offerings out or coming…and not much entices us now. Guild Wars 2 is our next game…there is no doubt of that. But, until then, what could we play as a group? Reading about Final Fantasy XIV really leaves a lot to be desired. The grind sounds pretty horrid, and the company making the decision to control HOW you play the game is a turn off.

We have played EQ2, Guild Wars, LOTRO, Aion, Lineage 2, Vanguard, Age of Conan…and many others I cannot remember.

Do we finally say goodbye to MMO’s for a while?

More on this as decisions are made.




  1. As I already twittered, it is a bad time for MMOs. You played them already, and no new releases before Spring 2011, and this is a very optimist estimation.

    I wonder if there are multiplayer games that you can play together, but I would almost say take a break or play some more GW1.

    If not, you know from whom you can get STO trial keys for the whole family! I just do not think it is a family friendly game at all.

  2. Not sure how much of the dungeons you’ve done, but Gunbad and Bastion have some pretty fun stuff in them, including some neat PQs and boss fights. Sigmar’s crypts is also fun (the warpblade tunnels less so), but requires lesser ward which you can only get from PVE by collecting Bloodlord armor set (from Bastion) and/or killing various bosses X times (so if you’ve killed the boss that drops the helmet 8 times and it doesn’t drop, you still get the ward).

    Other fun PVE if you haven’t done yet is some the PQs, especially the harder ones- check out Gaarawaar’s (sp?) blog for his PQ crawls, you can get a sense of which are worth doing.

  3. I have often wondered what I would do at the end of WAR seeing there is not “Raid” style content. Your suggestion Chrin sounds good. Dungeon runs (if we can get more people, as most do not want to do PvE) would be cool..
    I knew some had “gateways” like Crypts…but if the others do not require it…then all the better.
    Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Why not do something other than play games? 🙂

    I”m trying to get out of the “gaming is the only thing I do in my free time” mindset myself, so this lull in gaming goodness for you seems like the perfect time to go out and find something new to do. 😀

  5. Global Agenda is pretty fun. I am enjoying it quite a bit. You can try the free trial too so you don’t waste any money if it isn’t your cup of tea.

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