Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | September 1, 2010

And Thats How The Grind Goes…

As I logged in this morning, I decided to see just how fast I was progressing gear wise. I currently run a Rank 40 RR43 Warrior Priest. I have been strictly focused on doing ORvR to get my Officer Medallions. I noted this morning I had 67 medallions. When I logged off after 2 hours of ORvR which included a Keep take, 3 BO’s, a Zone Flip and a final keep take…

I had 79 medallions.

This included conversions of higher crests as well.

This is ugly for a casual player. I have been trying my best to think of how I could advance this quicker, but there is no option. I do play in the evenings here and there, and have been on several City Sieges which drop a lot of goodies…but, I will most definitely advance with not enough for my current gear I need…Conquerors. Even worse, I will move into the next tier of gear with not enough goodies to upgrade there as well.

How do people do it? I know there use to be a better conversion rate on crests…if I read the forums correctly. For myself, this has proven to be a nightmare. Especially when the gear matters so much at my level. No amount of skill will save me when I get whacked by 3 hits of a DPS class.

An option to me at this point is to run some dungeon gear. I need to investigate this more. I have been looking at several websites that have armor lists, and I will have to see if a particular dungeon set is worth it. But, is there a grind there? AND will anyone even want to run a dungeon?

Anyways, it does look like I am not alone. A new thread is rolling on the forums and even Mythic has been discussing ways to trade gear or have faster advancement. Basically, something needs to be done. I am not sure how much longer my entertainment value will last just doing the same thing every day.

Time will tell.




  1. Mythic really screwed low level players when they implemented a 1:1 conversion rate. It was too easy to get gear when downward conversion was 1:5, but now it’s like climbing Everest. They need to either drastically reduce medallion prices or up the drop rates.

    If you are looking for dungeons as a source of gear, you’ll want to first have at least 3 lesser wards (as a healer). Then you can do Warpblade Tunnels and Sigmar’s Crypts (both in Altdorf) for the sentinel set, which isn’t too shabby for a healing WP. On my server people still regularly run those dungeons, so you shouldn’t have much of a problem finding a group. On the grinding part, that’s another story. A boss drops 2 pieces at best, and the drops include careers not present. Which means you need to get the right one out of 12 armor sets. If you are unlucky, it can take up to 30 dungeon runs (in each of them) to get the full set. And with both dof them having a 3 day lockout, it may take a while. I guess you just need to keep your fingers crossed.

    Alternatively, you could grind the enemy LotD warcamp PQ a lot, as it drops gold bags with conqueror.

    Good luck. 🙂

  2. Actually it’s not as bad as people make it out to be. The only “trick” to get plenty of Annihilator and Conqueror gear is to also be active in RvR and to claim keeps.

    Just keep in mind, whenever a zone flips on to your advantage and you have a keep claimed there, a golden bag with annihilator gear is sent to your guild leader. When locking the last zone towards a city, it’ll be a bag with Conqueror gear instead. And in this case, holding any keep in a previous zone also counts.

    E.g. when order locks Caledor, the guildleader of every guild controling a keep in the elven T4 gets a bag with a piece of Conqueror equipment, even if the keep is in Eataine.

    Thus, any guild which at least occasionally claims a keep has a nice supply of golden bags. (Unless your Guild Leader rips you off and sells them. ) Of course, what you get is a bit random, my guild currently has 7 bags with Conqueror shoulders and only a single one with a Conqueror chest in the bank, but other guilds usually are willing to trade.

    So yes, the change of the trinket system certainly reduced the flow of “free” RvR armours, but as long for any guild which just occasionally participates in RvR and just once in a while claims a keep, gearing up the members with Annihilator and Conqueror is no big deal.

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