Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | September 2, 2010

The Old World – PvE takes a dive

The PvE group has progressed into Chapter 17 now and an area known as West Praag. You can take a look at the map here…WEST PRAAG

West Praag

This is one nasty and boring area. I think this is the first time I have been sort of blah about a zone. I think it has to do with how you must move through the zone. The trails through the hills don’t offer an easy way to get to the PQ’s we want. Thus, we are stuck doing the EASY PQ, which is located at the bottom. This makes the influence bar for the chapter CRAWL with 3 of us. The quests in this zone are also quite minimal, so we are not in the area for very long, which adds to issues of gaining XP while trying to finish our chapter influence. Usually we have a ton to do in a zone, and doing PQ’s while running quests keeps progression running smoothly. This “West” area seems like an addon.

The fact that most of the PvE will be ignored now thanks to the new RvR focus of Mythic, areas like this will become bare and empty. They will also become a nuisance, unless we can level by it. But, for those “completionists” like our group who wants ALL chapters done…this will truly be a wasteland of boredom.

Now that we have come this far, we are noticing a trend in quests also. We have a ton of tasks in the main area of Praag, which happens to be a large RvR zone mixed with PvE. Most of those tasks require us to step into the RvR lake. This could hinder our plans to avoid as much PvP as possible. Note, we have not been 100% successful with this. We were doing a recon of a lake when a zone flipped once, and of course we were rewarded renown. We actually jumped to level 4 in RR due to this. Another time we were in the Land of the Dead, minding our own business…and then we were ganked by Destro. The wife, who is a non-PvPer took him out while myself and my son lay dead. She of course racked up a ton of renown on that. So, RvR is hard to avoid. We were ok with this though.

Now, with the focus moving away from PvE, our last 4 ranks (we are almost 40 BTW) could be more difficult. We luckily do have the scroll you can use to gain one level…so, we only have to get to 39, and then flip it. We are discussing one of the dungeons, and also more Land of the Dead time to help alleviate leveling as a whole. But, those darn chapters…we want those for completions sake. Plus, the wife loves objectives, and quests are key to her enjoyment.

For now, we will muddle through. Chapter 17 is almost done, and we are about ready to head to the Chaos Wastes which look cool. Time will tell.




  1. When you get to the last hub in Praag (sort of on a little peninsula that sticks out into the lake), make sure your wife gets the shield influence reward- it has some pretty cool art not seen anywhere else to my knowledge.

    • Thanks. Sounds cool. She has an awesome shield now, and has a few in the bank…as they really got the looks down pat.


  2. Don’t forget to check out Frostshard Prison while you’re in West Praag. You can get some good drops from the lair bosses 🙂

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