Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | September 16, 2010

And the answer is…

We have renewed. The wife and I have decided to keep our Warhammer Online accounts going.

Why is that?

First off, nothing on the market appeals to us. We have played so many MMO’s that trying to find a new one is difficult. The only one we have not put any real time into is Aion. We have played several levels (with myself going to 15 and my son hitting 22), but the appeal is tricky. There are issues for us like mobs that seem so silly looking. Combat is not very fluid. Yet, we have no issue with the character models (very awesome looking), and the idea of the flight mechanics are neat. But, for now, Aion stays off our list until we get desperate.

Next, is the world and the IP of Warhammer…period. The setting appeals to my inner child of roleplay. The Germanic Renaissance visuals appeal to my sense of artistic awareness. The mobs look great, like they came from the novels. When I play WAR, I feel like I am a character in the books.

The classes are fun to play. PvE, though shoddy at times, is still engaging enough thanks to fights keeping us entertained. Speaking of the fights, combat is just way more fun in WAR than a lot of MMO’s we have tried. Character appeal of how my classes look in game is also a selling point. When I am smacking someone with my hammer, or blocking with my shield…it just looks right.

We have other little areas of interest as well that keep us in. We have a guild we are leveling. We have a metagame of sorts doing the Tome unlocks and crafting for a new set of characters. We also have a goal of completing all chapters for the Empire setting in PQ’s. Soon, we have debated adventuring in the other realms.

And of course there is RvR (when it is going).

That leads to the frustrations like my schedule hampering my ability to RvR. The issues with the Gold Seller spam. The problem with lowered populations on my server of choice. The medallions concern in RvR. The bugginess of certain parts of PvE making me shake my head and worry that Mythic is just in maintenance mode.

And yet…I am not ready to leave. As I logged in this morning, a small skirmish was underway, and keep takes were happening. I fell right in and felt at home. I logged out later and then brought in an alt. I completed several quests to progress his level. It made me comfortable in that world.

Maybe I just bitch about the game because I really want it to do well. It has been a while since I have been that way about an MMO; that I wanted to login and play. If a game can keep me like that, then I must not be ready to leave.

So, another month will go by. I may complain…I may shower with praise. Who knows. For now, I belong here, and it is where I want to be.




  1. Glad to hear you are sticking around. I played WAR in beta then through several months of post release. Left, came back, left again, now back again. It has the most appeal to me out of any MMO on the market.

    I had never really pvp’d before WAR. Now, it’s the most fun for me, at least in WAR. I didn’t like Aion’s pvp. I’d recommend rolling some new characters with your wife to ease her into it. A complimentary pair. She may find she likes smashing faces after all.

  2. First off; glad to see you’re sticking around!

    “Maybe I just bitch about the game because I really want it to do well.”

    I played the game every single day from the day of launch, for 6 months straight. I spent the entirety of that time being hopeful for it, and eventually started seeing the faults for what they were, and left.

    I went back earlier this year in the midst of numerous game releases and was easily swayed away from the game.

    Now I’m back yet again and I have an understanding that this is what this game is, and I’m okay with that.

    I still wish the game could be more, but I’ll just keep enjoying it for what it is while I’m playing it, and I have no complaints. If I quit, it’s most likely going to be because there’s something shiney luring me away, and nothing to do with how much I actually love the game.

  3. As far as gold spamming goes, you can filter your chat by right clicking on the tab and shutting off certain channels, so you don’t see any of the spam (the Advice channel, notably).

    Glad to hear you’ve decided to stick around!

  4. As long as you are having fun, that is best reason to stay. I would guess playing with family helps

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