Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | February 3, 2011

Upcoming changes for PvP in Rift Beta 6

A bit of discussion has been raging through the forums for Rift. How can the PvE servers have “forced” PvP.

There is some erroneous information regarding this about players specifically (for example, you CAN turn off auto flagging of PvP in settings…so, if you wish to avoid PvP 100%, check that out), but the main concern was in regards to griefing by players at quest hubs.

Anyways, here are the latest patch notes about changes Trion is doing for the next beta test. Check them out HERE.

Any thoughts? Share them in the comments.

Ranking /out



  1. I don’t understand what the big stink is. It looks like good changes

  2. I agree, but to an extent…

    Check out in more detail why they are throwing a stink here…

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