Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | February 7, 2011

Simple Complexities Rifting

This past weekend, Simple Complexities had a chance to gather and get in some gaming time in Rift.

First up, I want to thank Chrome for lending us Vent for guild use. I also appreciate the patience of the team as I dealt with burned up power supplies, fried video cards and smartphone venting action going haywire.

Myself, I was not just trying to get some game on, but had to deal with a son and wife who both got the flu (seems quitting smoking and being careful helped me avoid it…so far *knock on wood).

Overall, the gameplay really was helped by how Rift is pushing for a more group dynamic game, and it showed in how much fun even spread out groups could have.

For example, there were level discrepancies between various players, as much as 5+ levels in our guild. I was worried this would cause concern, thus why I like the “two level variation” rule (no more than two levels when grouping for questing). What shocked me is that it did not hurt the lower levels as much as I thought. One character gained 2 levels alone during an hour or so of play after turning in quests which were done much quicker than normal.

The weekend also saw us entering dungeons for the first time (for myself and several others).

Difficulty is truly ramped up for the dungeons. Aggro is too easy to pull large crowds. But, also the challenge made me see the fun and cheer when we made it through a fight. A concern was that if you die, and cannot res, you get thrown out of the dungeon. They really need a “vitality” healer at the front or something. Add at least a res point at the entrance. Running back through mobs to get to the entrance was not fun.

As I mentioned about dungeons, was the same for regular mobs. It was a breath of fresh air to read in patch notes that mobs got a buff, not a nerf. Regular quest mobs took more to defeat. Add to this the regular Rift invasions and Footholds, and danger lurks around every corner.

Overall, the experience truly made me jones for the launch. Working with my guild mates proved to be a blast. I hope to spend more time with everyone.

Until next beta and head start…

Ranking /out



  1. Very nice! 🙂

    Try to kill the flu with smoke, when everyone starts coughing, think about what it will do to the small flu viruses!

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