Posted by: Rank-n-Vile | February 17, 2011

Not Rifting too much…

I am staying calm and quiet in this weeks Open Beta. I may be lurking…but, I am not focused on speed leveling, reading all the guides and massively reworking my soul combinations.

I want the game to feel a bit new.

For example, I am sticking to the one faction I will not play as much; Defiant. I have also stuck to my main class for what we call the “Static Group”; a set level system for players in this group with a schedule of days and times we will play. I have not strayed into other classes. I have stopped doing crafting, and overly engaging in any quests.

I know people want to be able to have all the answers when Rift launches. Not me. Having taken a break from MMO’s for a few months, I want my game to keep me rocking for a while. Not be burned out on restarting over and over or knowing how something progresses.

The Open Beta has helped me test my new video card I got (Nvidia GTX 570) and power supply. It has let me rebuild my main over and over until I have what I like…

And now, February 24th cannot get here soon enough. I’m Ready!

Ranking /out


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